Screenshot of Napkin Labs consumer insights and crowdsourcing software for facebook

More Ways to Activate Your Community.


We have expanded our library of activities you can run with your fans.  Crowdsource ideas, post a survey, give your fans missions, or even create a product gallery and have fans name your newest products.  We give you a whole new way to engage your fans in ways that matter. 


Real-time Consumer Insights.

Listening is powerful, but generating a real-time stream of insights around focused topics and questions you pose is game-changing.  We have added sentiment analysis and natural language processing to give you a window into your customers needs, ideas, and feedback.

Better Ways to Reward your Top Advocates.


We don't just deliver powerful insights.  We give your customers an experience that builds brand affinity. We've taken this a step further and added custom badges, Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal support.  Now you can instantly and meaningfully reward your customers for their participation. 

Build a Private 'Insider' Community.


Engaging all of your fans has its benefits, but being able to identify your top fans and invite them into private VIP experience right within your Facebook page is even better.  We have made it easier to create invite only communities on your Facebook page. 

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